The Hugh Hodgson School of Music regularly lends its talents to more than just UGA’s East Campus, and a perfect example of that is coming soon!

Pylon Reenactment Society and local band Monsoon will be opening for Cindy Wilson of the B 52’s Oct 15 at the fabulous Forty Watt! Doors open at 8/ show is at 8:30-$10.00 admission. Everyone is welcome! UGA (piano) faculty accompanist Damon Denton is the keyboardist for Pylon Reenactment Society, and School of Music trumpet student Anderson Romero and alumnus Geoff Wood will take part in the performance as well. Come on out and have a great time with Athens most danceable band and recent winner at the FLAGPOLE MUSIC AWARDS. Pylon Reenactment Society includes Vanessa Briscoe Hay (vocals), Jason Nesmith (guitar), Kay Stanton (bass), Joe Rowe (drums) and Damon Denton (Keyboard). PHOTO: COURTESY OF MIKE WHITE and Deadly Designs.


When people talk about the beginnings of the music scene in Athens, GA the discussion usually begins “The B-52’s, R.E.M, ….” Those who know will continue the list, “Pylon.” They were every Athens band’s favorite Athens band. Their musical naïveté, southern upbringing, art school smarts, and house-party roots exploded together to create something quite improbably amazing, hitting the listener on mental, physical, and spiritual levels simultaneously. On the surface, their angular guitar parts and propulsive rhythm section had something in common with UK post-punk bands like Gang of Four and PiL. But Pylon was more fun and less studied. And they had a secret weapon in Vanessa Briscoe Hay, whose inimitable vocal textures and phrasing defined the band’s sound for most listeners.
Pylon’s celebrated history came to a sudden end with the death of iconic guitarist Randy Bewley in 2009. Pylon was and always will be Vanessa, Randy Bewley, Michael Lachowski, and Curtis Crowe. It is a certainty that the band will not reform with a new guitarist.
But hey, kids. Everything is still cool! Vanessa has gathered members of Athens bands Casper & the Cookies, The Glands, and pianist Damon Denton to create Pylon Reenactment Society to perform for special occasions like Art Rocks Athens events and for the recent release parties for “PYLON LIVE.” Two short tours are planned this year to the Northeast and out West.

The PRS California tour will include:

San Diego, CA / The Hideout

Los Angeles, CA / The Echoplex
with Panthar, The Tissues

San Francisco, CA / The Independent
with Cruel Summer

Portland, OR / Mississippi Studios
with Hurry Up




Cindy Wilson

Cindy Wilson’s upcoming live show, Change, is as far from The B-52s as one can possibly imagine. Rather than shouting from the rooftops in “The World’s Greatest Party Band”, Cindy swoons and whispers over swirls of subtle psychedelia, Quincy Jones-era strings, and pulsing synths. With elements of Air, Bjork, Tame Impala, and Gary Numan – the band refers to its infectious sound as cerebral future disco. Two years in the making, Change introduces a major evolution for Cindy – simultaneously challenging fans of “The Bs”, while venturing to usher in a new generation of listeners. 

Having spent decades on the road internationally with The B-52s, Change represents a full circle for Cindy. Tapping into her own local stock in order to start anew, Cindy returned to the same town that nurtured her own creative roots – Athens, Ga. Change features a “native” cast of Athenian musicians including Ryan Monahan (Ola Moon, Easter Island, Monahan), producer/engineer Suny Lyons (PacificUV, Dream Boat), Lemuel Hayes (Ola Moon, PacificUV), and Marie Davon (Powerkompany).

The live show represents one continuous audio/visual trance, as each song transitions into the next with unique band-created projections. The entire song cycle is an existential mediation in itself, exploring universal ideas of life, love, and the circle of birth and death – expressing the idea that the only thing that is constant in life is change.

The band intends to release the tracks as an album in the Spring of 2017.